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L-Tyrosine for Focus and Performance

A lot of people ask us at tradeshows, samplings, and events, "what will I feel when I drink StressKiller?" It's a good question. What would it be like to feel less of the bombardment of stress? What does stress do to us anyway?

One thing stress does is reduce your ability to focus. It's why you feel frazzled, unable to concentrate long enough to complete one task before that stressed-out portion of your brain says, "wait, wasn't the gas bill due yesterday?" That's the bombardment of stress that many of us are feeling, and your body needs allies to be able to fight it. And that's why we included a potent dosage of L-Tyrosine in StressKiller. Clinical studies have found that it increases mental clarity, mood, and performance.

How does L-Tyrosine do all that? Research has shown that sustained work periods longer than 12 hours, often involving sleep loss and fatigue, can reduce levels of substances called catecholamines such as dopamine and norepinephrine. This leads to stress, anxiety, mood deterioration, and decreased performance. Taking the amino acid L-tyrosine can increase depleted levels of norepinephrine in the brain, reducing stress and anxiety and improving mood and performance.

In one of the cooler experiments we’ve seen (literally), researchers stressed out their subjects by exposing them to freezing cold temperatures. The researchers measured two groups, one given a placebo, and one given L-tyrosine. The result: the group given L-tyrosine performed better on cognitive tests (math skills, coding map compass, and pattern recognition), and had improved happiness and mental clarity.

So enjoy a refreshing glass of StressKiller knowing that the science behind it is improving your ability to fight off the distractions of stress.

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