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L-theanine combats stress, helps you stay focused

L-Theanine - Relaxes the mind without drowsiness

We're two of the brothers who started StressKiller, and we're going to be bringing you cool nuggets of information about the science that we've discovered about nutrition that helps fight the stress and anxiety we all face every day.

Let's start with the image to the left. We post it at tradeshows and people ask us, "where's that quote from? It sounds too good to be true." We love this question because it's such a powerful quote and it comes from a major clinical nutrition journal, the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

And you think that's awesome? Check out this one from one of the world's most reputable medical institutions, the Cleveland Clinic: “[L-theanine] is said to generate creativity, a state of wakeful relaxation, and higher learning via the ability to ignore distracting information during complex tasks."

So knowing what you now know, why wouldn't you want to get a healthy amount of L-theanine every day to keep you focused and performing at your best? That's why we made sure to include it in StressKiller. And we'll keep scouring the research to make sure we offer the healthiest, best ingredients that help you reduce stress and anxiety.

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