The Science Behind StressKiller - one of the D'Andrea brothers presents Brainspan webinar to MDs

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November 22, 2019

We're two of the brothers who started StressKiller, and we're going to be bringing you cool nuggets of information about the science that we've discovered about nutrition that helps fight the stress and anxiety we all face every day.  

Let's start with the image to the left.  We post it at tradeshows and people ask us, "where's that quote from? It sounds too good to be true."  We love this question because it's such a powerful quote and it comes from a major clinical nutrition journal, the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition.  


A lot of people ask us at tradeshows, samplings, and events, "what will I feel when I drink StressKiller?"  It's a good question.  What would it be like to feel less of the bombardment of stress?  What does stress do to us anyway?

One thing stress does is reduce your ability to focus.  It's why you feel frazzled, unable to concentrate long enough to complete one task before that stressed-out portion of your brain says, "wait, wasn't the gas bill due yesterday?"  That's the bombardment of stress that many of us are feeling, and yo...

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