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PRIVATE PAGE: This is a marketing campaign idea for internal GNC review only

Stress makes you stupid viral video series

IDEA: we partner with GNC and launch a series of 10 exclusive "Stress makes you stupid" episodes just on GNC's facebook and Instagram pages. 

  • GNC social media teams would post the videos, then we would pay to boost those posts (to GNC's followers)

  • Impact example: if we fund a $300 boost of a GNC post of these videos, that will mean ~30,000 views of that GNC post.  (We did a test run of the below video on FB, and it quickly netted 3,200 views on a $30 ad spend -- that's $0.01 per view).

  • We can brand it with the GNC logo (demonstrated in the mock-up, below)

Stress makes you stupid sample episode


  • Likelihood of going viral

  • Tapping into the relatable, edgy, disruptive idea that “stress makes you stupid”

  • Deliberately not over-produced or over-polished... to keep the edgy/accessible vibe

  • Builds strong brand awareness

  • 3 of these video shorts have already been produced and are “in the can” but not released (other than a single short-duration test post on FB)

  • D'Andrea Brothers LLC has deep TV production experience.  Christian D'Andrea produced, directed, and created HURRICANE HUNTERS, which was the biggest hit series on Weather Channel

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